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About Us

T & S Studiio is two Brampton Lash Technicians Teasha & Shanice that started their own separate business lashing. In 2020 we decided to merge our businesses together to work on a greater goal, to expand our knowledge & skills and to one day open our own studio together.

Teasha is a 4x Certified Lash Technician and 2x Certified PMU Artist. She is also Certified in Lash Lifts + Tints, Brow Laminations and also provides Henna Brow Service along with Waxing Brows.

Shanice is a 3x Certified Lash Technician and 2x Certified PUM Artist. She is also Certified in Lash Lifts + Tints, Henna Brows and Eye Brow Mastery( Threading & Waxing).

If you are looking to get your lashes done or one of the many services we provide T & S Studiio is the place for you! Our goal is to create customized lash looks that best fits you and your daily lifestyle, without causing damage to your natural lashes. We are very professional and knowledgeable in the services we provide for our clients.

We strongly believe in using High Quality products in the services that we provide. High Quality products is the best way to provide you with a beautiful lightweight and comfortable set of lashes. As well in providing after-care products and tips to help you care for your extensions at home.

If you ever have questions feel free to email us at tnsstudiio@gmail.com or send us a DM on Instagram @tnsstudiio @tnsstudiioteash @tnsstudiioshanice

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Lash Tips

  • Don't Pull / Fiddle

  • Brush Lashes Daily

  • Clean Lashes w/ Lash Cleanser Every 2 days

  • Avoid Oily Products Near The Eye Area

  • Schedule A Fill Every 2-3 Weeks

Avoid steamy showers, saunas and wetting your eye area for 24 hours after a lash application


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